Junk removal Chicken coops
Cleaning dry branches and grass on city streets loading into truck trailer. Cleaning dry leaves tractor bucket. Old tractor bucket picks up old and dry branches and leaves and plunges it into a truck.

Junk removal is more than just taking an old sofa. JUNK 180 also specializes in lite demo jobs. Here, we had 2 old chicken coops on the property the owner wanted removed. Sure, we can do that! Sheds, hot tubs, chicken coops, and more. This is right up our alley. Our customer was happy to regain this space!

You have a junk problem, JUNK 180 has your junk removal solution. Give the professionals a call at JUNK 180 a call, (707)536-0740. “Pull a 180 on junk, do a JUNK 180!”