The 49ers may have lost, but our superbowl sunday customers won!

Pricing with Customer and McLay Junk Removal Expert

Here at JUNK180, we do what we need to do to serve our customers. Superbowl Sunday is a de facto national holiday! Did we work? Heck yes we did. This junk removal may look simple, but there was a 500 bottle wine refrigerator, a real beast of an appliance. It’s about the size of 2 standard refrigerators and weighed a ton. Our professional team needed to work with tight clearances, and move other items to clear a path. They swept up, as is standard with our junk removal service. We got it done, and our valued customer was ecstatic with our service, and very happy to reclaim her space. We have your junk removal solutions too.

Pull a 180 on junk, do a JUNK180!