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      606 Junk & Furniture Removal Chicago - dumpster rental, junk removal & furniture hauling services, garage clean-outs, construction debris removal and more.

      Welcome to our website - 606 JUNK & FURNITURE REMOVAL CHICAGO. We are junk removal company operating in Chicago Downtown and nearby suburbs. We offer a wide range of services including general unnecessary items haulinggarage clean outs, furniture - appliances removal, and construction debris removal. We cater to various properties in the local area such as residential, commercial, and industrial sites so you can clear your property and have all debris properly disposed of. At 606JUNK, we are punctual workers that value your time, so we expect us to be there as promised. Depending on your needs, our company is always ready to negotiate to serve you with the best service possible in the Chicago area. We will recycle, reuse, and re-purpose all items we can. If you need assistance with removing your haul away junk anywhere in Chicago, call us and we will send over our team as soon as possible.

      • General Removal: We can dispose of your general junk properly and leave your vicinity neat and tidy.
      • Garage Clean Outs: Let us assist you and give you a spotless garage once the service has been completed.
      • Furniture & Appliances Removal: Have home furniture and office appliances for disposal?
        We will take care of them at 606 JUNK.
      • Construction Debris Removal: We can make your place clean again by removing all traces of leftover construction work. Our work is considered highly efficient when it comes to junk pick-up around Chicago. You can trust us to be with you whenever you need our services.
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      Junk Removal Chicago

      Removal Service Chicago - Call our team today!

      Our company strives to provide efficient and excellent removal service by being at your doorsteps as soon as possible. We provide general hauling, furniture removal, and construction debris hauling anywhere in the Chicago area for your convenience and peace of mind. We will help sort and remove your from your residential, commercial, or industrial property for a well-maintained and orderly space. Our team is punctual and efficient during the work. Rest assured we get the job done without delay. Our junk pick-up specialists in Chicago are ready to assist you at any time. Call us!

      606JUNK - Check our removal services!

      Unnecessary Items Removal

      We are a removal and debris hauling company in Chicago and nearby
      northwest suburbs. Aside from junk pick up and removal in the
      Chicago area, our services also include furniture hauling, and move in
      and move out cleanout for all residential and commercial properties.
      With any kind of unnecessary items you have, 606JUNK is at your service! We can
      clear your vicinity within conditions you require and pick up junk,
      wherever it proves to be most convenient. From old furniture to bags of
      clothing to worn-out mattresses, our removers in Chicago are
      available to serve your area and nearby suburbs. We have a sanitary and
      systematic method of performing our removal service, so
      you can rest assured your damaged goods will be picked up and disposed
      of properly. For more information, call us today!

      Furniture Hauling

      Old and damaged furniture is challenging to dispose of especially since they are not ideal to be thrown in the together with smaller items. Have no worries! At 606 JUNK, we make old furniture hauling easy for you with our professional hauling service. Whether you have an old furniture at home or old appliances at your office, expect our haulers to dispose of them properly and quickly.

      Construction Debris Hauling

      Post-construction clean-up can be messy and arduous, but not when you have a professional debris hauling company that offers excellent construction debris haul when you need it. You can rely on our haulers to remove every bit of leftover debris and junk from the site after the construction work has been completed. We work swiftly to get everything out of the way and provide a clean and orderly vicinity for you.

      Move-In / Move-Out Cleanout

      When it comes to moving in or out, trust 606JUNK to help you clear up the space and have it spotless in no time. Moving furniture along with you can be a major part of transferring residences, thus we are here to make sure you have everything you need for a flawless relocation. We offer professional services to help you get started – everything from furniture hauling services to removal services around Chicago. Contact us today.

      606JUNK - Contact us!

      Contact Us

      For a professional removal service near you in Chicago, contact us to discuss the details of the service. We provide reasonable rates for all types of unnecessary hauling around Chicago. Whether you need furniture hauling or pick up, we are here to deliver.

      Schedule a meeting

      Once we have established the details for our removal service in the Chicago area and nearby suburbs, schedule the best time for you to haul away your stuff. Trust our haulers to arrive as scheduled. We provide flexible services to achieve the most convenient plan.

      We provide the service

      With the pick up date and time set in our service schedule, our removers will arrive at your property on time and safely perform the removal as fast as possible. We perform junk pick up wherever you are in Chicago. Contact us!

      Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
      606JUNK Removal


      We understand that removal can make the city great, and as a small business, 606JUNK is here to provide the highest quality of service for each customer we have.

      Our staff and drivers will greet you with a smile while always striving to be punctual, courteous, and polite, no matter what the day or job throws at us. You can check the reviews online about our removal service, and you’ll see that we’ve done an excellent job.

      Our team makes furniture and removal as painless as possible. You can trust our handlers to safely and securely remove your items with zero damage to your space or common areas. We know the process like the back of our hands so that we can sweat the small stuff for you, like parking, insurance, elevator schedules, and certificates of insurance. When looking for removers near you, think of you 606JUNK.

      Benefits of Our Professional Services
      606JUNK - Furniture Hauling Services

      Save Time

      You may think that dealing with your removal on your own is the best way to go, but that might not necessarily be true, especially if you have more important things to do. Hiring our service is the right choice as it will leave you with the time to focus your energy on other things. For example, if you are getting ready to move, we can take care of your junk pickup for you so you can get your move organized efficiently while dealing with packing and hiring a moving company.

      Save Money

      If you handle your own removal, you may need to rent a dumpster or a truck for hauling. If you have more junk than the bin can handle, you will need to pay to dump it and continue with the rental, costing you more money. Count on our service to assess your needs and determine exactly what you need before the process begins. In most cases, we can efficiently remove all of your unwanted junk much more economically than it would otherwise cost you. Whether it’s debris, old furniture hauling, or construction debris hauling, we’ll help you get rid of it and save money doing it.


      Some items you may want to discard can be difficult to do on your own, resulting in an injury or damage to your property. Heavy lifting is strenuous and if not done correctly, it can lead to lasting injuries. Hiring our professional removal service takes that burden off your hands so that you do not risk injury. With these advantages of calling us for hauling, there’s no reason to delay. It’s much safer, more cost-effective, and time-saving to hire our team instead of doing it on your own.


      " These guys really know exactly what they are doing, they separated and organized all the items and left everything super clean, not just throwing everything around like other companies I have used in the past. I called Dominic on a Saturday and he was there Sunday morning! Great service guys. "
      " Very professional , excellent timing. Nice and clean job! Highly recommended!!! "
      " Extremely Fast service, affordable, convenient and awesome people. Used them to remove debris from a recent rehab and I was definitely very pleased with their work. Will definitely use again "
      " I never write reviews but Czapa Construction was amazing I have to acknowledge it. They showed up on time even though we were a bit late, did a great job, friendly and very very professional. Left the yard clean and did it fast! I couldn’t ask for more! I would definitely recommend them and hire them again! "
      " Have too many household items that require service? Trust this company! "
      " I called this company for removal in my property, and they delivered well. "
      " Thorough junk pick-up in Chicago. Left my property spick and span. Kudos to the team! "
      " I had a home demolishing done recently, which resulted in lots of concrete mess. I contacted this company for construction debris hauling in Chicago. They were immediately on the job. "
      " I’ve been on the lookout for 606JUNK removers near me in Chicago until I finally found this company. Clean junk hauling services around Chicago. You’d be pleased with their work! "
      " I needed help with old furniture hauling in my Chicago home. These guys gave me reasonable rates. I didn’t have to do anything, just instructed. They handled everything for me. "

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