Junk Recycling & Donations in Chicago

Junk recycling and junk donation just got a whole lot easier. Let 606 Junk pick up your stuff, and we’ll make sure it’s taken to an appropriate recycling or donation site for you!


Now more than ever, it’s important to reduce the amount of landfill waste we generate as a society. After all, we’ve all seen the alarming headlines. However, it’s not easy work to take your junk and make sure it’s recycled or donated. You have to take time out of your busy schedule and do a lot of physical labor, which might just wear you out! What you’re looking for are donation pick up services from 606 Junk. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll put you on our schedule! Our recycling and donation services are available now!

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Donating and Recycling with 606 Junk

When it comes to taking your junk to a recycling facility or donation center, why do the work on your own? It’s a time-consuming process, and quite frankly, you’ve got better things to do. However, this doesn’t mean you need to cut your losses and chuck your junk in the collection bin. Instead, get in touch with 606 Junk! Our donation and recycling services make it easy to dispose of your junk the eco-friendly way. We’ll enter your property, haul it all away, and load it onto our truck. Then, we’ll sort through everything, determine what should be recycled, and figure out what should be donated. This saves you from having to do this work on your own, and we doubt you’ll have any complaints about that!

606 Junk is here to provide you with the convenient services that you need. You can always expect us to be there on time and prepared for every job! If you’re trying to recycle something as large as a broken appliance or if you’re to donating old, bulky furniture, we’re the right fit for the job!

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What Happens To Your Recycled or Donated Goods

If you were to recycle and donate your belongings on your own, you’d need to find an appropriate site to take the items to, and then, you’d have to transport them. Avoid these hassles with 606 Junk. We already know exactly where to take your things! Recyclables, such as scrap metal, plastic, cardboard, and paper, will go to one of our nearby Chicago recycling facilities, such as The Resource Center.

What about donatable goods? 606 Junk works with many thrift store organizations to ensure that items that are still in good condition can find new homes. Consider the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Many families in need—and deal hunters—come here to find housewares that are affordably priced. By donating your gently used items, we won’t just reduce waste, we’ll also help people who require it the most!

Clothing Recycling and Donation Services in Chicago

As time goes on, clothes go out of style, stop fitting, or otherwise lose their luster. When you’re left with a closet full of old clothes that you’re never going to wear again, what should you do? Toss them all out? The better choice would be to donate these clothes. Clothing items such as shirts, shorts, shoes, and pants are often still in wearable condition, which means that someone in our community could still find them useful. That’s why 606 Junk is proud to provide clothing donation services in Chicago! Let’s “recycle” these items by making sure they wind up in someone else’s wardrobe. It sure beats dumping it all in the landfill! Just point us to your closet, and we’ll haul anything you want gone to our truck.

About Us

606 Junk Removal is dedicated to providing the Chicago area with clean, eco-friendly services that will help the Earth as much as they’ll help our customers. Our recycling and donation services showcase our best efforts to protect our planet. Each time you choose us, you’re diverting waste from the landfill and supporting our recycling and donation efforts instead. It’s a great option for residents, commercial entities, and anyone else who has junk on their hands! Let us save you the time of sorting through these belongings alone. We’re here to serve you!

Items We Donate and Recycle

Books and Magazines
Board Games
Old Decorations
Gardening Equipment
Tools and Toolboxes
Scrap Metal


  • review rating

    I was very impressed with Dom and his team with my furniture removal I needed completed in time for my upcoming babe’s arrival. They were very prompt in responding to my request and also had awesome communication the day of. They followed covid protocol and were super professional! Would highly recommend.

    Laurie Baker
  • review rating

    They were great. Last minute request same day with quote. They’re very professional and are very responsive. I had some extras that they were able to take care of for me as well. Will recommend them to anyone who wants a trustworthy company that works provides quote and works fast. They know what they’re doing.

    lisa le
  • review rating

    This business was Amazing! The whole experience was perfect from responding to my messages to arriving on time to removing my furniture! I would highly recommend 606junk to anyone looking to remove waste from their homes. Thank you Dom for a great transaction!

    Asfa Malik
  • review rating

    Dominic was great! Cleared our storage unit quickly and efficiently. Fast response time via email and they were friendly and professional from start to finish. Would use again in the future and would highly recommend!!

    Ebony Avila
  • review rating

    I recently rented a dumpster from 606 junk removal and I am beyond pleased with their service. It was a last minute rental and he was able to get me a dumpster within a few hours. He was very professional and communicated clearly with me on arrival and pick up time. The price was very reasonable especially with being last minute. They will be the only people I rent a dumpster from now on. 10/10 recommend.

    Miguel Esquivel
  • review rating

    30 years of junk, gone in 3 hours!
    Dom came out on a Sunday to estimate a basement clear out on our 3 flat. Dom gave me a very reasonable estimate for what ended up being two completely full trailer loads of junk, which included a massive cast iron tub, an old volvo car door, several steel cabinets and piles of other random stuff. Dom and his crew came the following Monday at 9 and got to work right away. I was astonished at all the stuff they hauled out of the basement and how quickly they got the job done. Dom and his crew are very professional and very efficient at removing junk. I highly recommend 606 Junk removal.

    Robin Croke
  • review rating

    Just used Dom’s service today. He’s very responsive, just send him pictures of your waste and he’ll be able to give you a quote. Called him yesterday and he was able to come by today! He’s on time, efficient, and reasonably priced. Highly recommend using him!

    ChingWa Chan
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    Dominik was very helpful, efficient and timely in picking up my unwanted couch. He and his counterpart were in and out of my apartment in 5 minutes. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again for any of my furniture hauling needs.

    Radwan Dayib
  • review rating

    Wonderful experience. Quick scheduling, fast and efficient payment system, and professional service. The owner, Dom, is a great community driven kind of guy and great to work with. Highly recommend.

    Isabel Coss
  • review rating

    Dom and his crew are the best! They were professional, efficient and hard-working. Great pricing too!!
    Thanks 606 Junk removal !!!

    Misty Macdonald


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